USS Excelsior

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USS Excelsior
Operational Data
Registry: NCC-77246
Class: Galaxy IV-class
Launched: 2377
Disposition: Active Duty
Current Assignment: Flagship, Operation Beta Shield
Senior Officers
Captain: Commodore Elizabeth Shelby
First Officer: Commander Andrew Barrett
Chief Engineer: Commander Benjamin Nostrom
Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Commander S'Tal
Flight Control Officer: Lieutenant Peter Capell

The USS Excelsior is a Federation starship, registry NCC-77246. She is at least the second Federation Starship to bear the name. This Excelsior is a Galaxy IV-class dreadnaught and is capable of supporting a crew compliment of approximately 1,200. (HF 1.02 - "Enemy Unknown, Part 2") Due to wartime personnel needs, her current crew compliment is approximately 700 crew. Families were relocated to Deep Space 12.


Design and Modifications

When she was first launched, the Excelsior utilized Starfleet's upgraded data storage network featuring bio-neural gel packs and subprocessor nodes. Under the direction of the ship's first Chief Engineer, Robin Lefler, part of the gel pack subprocessor grid was removed and replaced with a less-advanced isolinear-based system, due to a system malfunction within the gelpacks. (HF 1.02 - "Enemy Unknown, Part 2") The malfunction prevented the crew from properly aligning the torque sensors, among other issues.

In 2384, the Excelsior underwent an extensive refit at Earth Station McKinley in preparation for her participation in Operation Beta Shield. During this refit, the ship's third nacelle was replaced with a large wedge-shaped sensor module, akin to those mounted on some Nebula-class starships. As a result, and in order to provide the same level of power and propulsion the ship had with three nacelles, substantial modifications were made to her power and propulsion systems, including the remaining two nacelles. The dorsal torpedo launchers were also moved further apart on the saucer section to reduce concerns about a "lucky shot" causing damage to the bridge. The overall result of this refit was substantial enough for Starfleet to christen the Excelsior as the first Galaxy IV-class dreadnaught. (Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield)

Mission History

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Former Crew

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Background Information

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