USS Cochise

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USS Cochise

Image of USS Maverick (vessel in same class)
Image of USS Cochise Not Available
Operational Data
Class: Ranger-class
Left Service: early 2380
Disposition: Destroyed
Previous Assignment: Escort for USS Excelsior

The USS Cochise

The USS Cochise was assigned as an escort vessel for the USS Excelsior in late 2379, during its investigation of the destruction of the first Grey Research Facility. She was destroyed in combat against a Tholian command carrier in early 2380. (HF 4.01 - "Hell's Gate, Part 2")

Background Information

  • The Cochise is named after a chief of the Chiricahua Apache who led an uprising that began in 1861. [1]


Series/Episode Episode Title
HF 3.09 "Hell's Gate, Part 1"
HF 4.01 "Hell's Gate, Part 2"
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