USS Angelfire

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USS Angelfire
Operational Data
Registry: NCC-75025
Class: Sovereign M-class
Launched: 2375
Disposition: Active Duty
Current Assignment: Detached Duty, 12th Fleet
(SpecOPS Task Force lead)
Senior Officers
Captain: Brigadier John Nelson
First Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Ehly
Chief Engineer: Marine Captain Walter Sherwood
Tactical/Chief of Security: Marine Captain Paul Williams
Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Octavia, MD, XMD
Chief Operations Officer: Major Joe Butts
Flight Control Officer: Commander Aslin Morgan
Marine OIC, 14th MSG: Major Joe Butts



The Federation starship USS Angelfire is a heavily-modified Sovereign-class starship currently under the command of Brigadier John Nelson. The Angelfire currently serves as a Starfleet Search and Rescue SpecOPS group lead, and is based out of Deep Space 12.

A Marine CO?

The Angelfire has the unique position of serving as the only starship in Starfleet that is commanded and crewed almost exclusively by Starfleet Marines. As part of a pilot program, Angelfire's mission profile is designed to enable special operations Marine units to act with more autonomy instead of being dependent on available Starfleet vessels in the vicinity.

The Starfleet-regular crewmembers that serve aboard Angelfire occupy posts that the Marine contingent has no equivalent mode of specialty for.

14th MSG - “Angels of Fire”

The Angelfire's primary mission is to serve as a rapid-response unit for medical emergencies and search-and-rescue operations in galactic "hot spots" and heavy fire zones. To help her achieve this goal, she carries the 14th Marine Strike Group, also known as the "Angels of Fire". This elite unit includes the largest mobile medical staff of any unit in Starfleet (both past and present) as well as a contingent of mechanized armor units that serve the sole purpose of defending the retreating injured.

Former Crew

Captain Jonathan Connor - CompOPS Training Officer, USS Angeles

Production Notes

The USS Angelfire is based on a STARFLEET, International chapter of the same name and registry - inheriting her crew, her history and her primary mission. The producers of Hidden Frontier added her to the show in an effort to thank the chapter for its many years of assistance to the show, lending props, personnel, and experience to Hidden Frontier, and asking nothing in return.


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