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Render of the Meridian-class carrier.
Render by Rob Caves.
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Classification: Light Carrier
Service Period: 2350's-present
Armaments: phaser arrays
photon torpedo launchers
Defenses: deflector shields
Auxiliary Craft: fighters

The Meridian-class starship is a light carrier, designed to ferry a number of auxiliary craft, generally fighters, to a given location.


Class Specifications

Class History

The Meridian-class carrier is part of the same design lineage that also led the Cheyenne, New Orleans, Rigel and Springfield classes of starships. Those classes helped eventually contribute to the Galaxy and Nebula classes of starship. This is most pointedly noted in the AWACS-style dish atop the design's secondary hull, designed to provide enhanced sensor abilities to direct combat operations and perform "air traffic control". Unlike the Nebula, this is not an exchangeable module.

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Production Notes

  • Executive Producer Rob Caves noted that this starship appeared to be an early reconstruction of the Rigel-class starship, before the 3D modeling community (via the ASDB website) locked in on a final design.
  • The history of the class is conjectural, based on information from Rob Caves in the Hidden Frontier forums.

Known Ships of the Class

Ship Registry
USS Meridian unknown

Appearances of Unnamed Meridian-class Starships


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