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Star Trek: Hidden Frontier publicity photo
Full Name: Korg
Species: Klingon
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Grey
Affiliation: Klingon Empire, Section 31
Occupation: Retired Intelligence Operative
Rank: General (former)


Personal History

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Klingon Empire

Some time in the past, Korg made a major historical discovery for the betterment of the Klingon Empire. This has made him so revered among Klingon's that he is a distraction to any mission he may wish to accomplish. Hence, he welcomed the opportunity to operate under the subterfuge of Section 31.

USS Nosferatu

Korg is a Section 31 operative assigned to the agency's vessel, the USS Nosferatu.

Production Notes


Korg is played by Karl Puder in his appearances on Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, Star Trek: Odyssey, Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles, Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield, and Star Trek: Federation One.

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