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John Nelson

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On-Air Role(s)
Primary Role: Malek
Primary Role First Credited: "Modus Operandi"
Other Role(s): Background Performer
Production Team Role(s)
Primary Role(s): Props

John Nelson (Gul Malek) has also appeared in various Hidden Frontier episodes as a background performer.



John has donated several props for use in Hidden Frontier, including padds, a Voyager-era Type-II phaser, a Type-III phaser rifle, as well as the physical USS Excelsior model shown in Captain Shelby's quarters and ready room.

Trek Fandom

John is involved with Starfleet International (SFI[1]), one of the largest organized Trek fan clubs in the world (Over 4000 members), and is currently the Phoenix, AZ area chapter president (or Commanding Officer in SFI terms). His chapter, the USS Angelfire, NCC-75025 (Sovereign-class), is a leader in the Overseas Coupon Program (sending coupons to military families deployed overseas)

Personal Life/Other Pursuits

John is currently serving in his 14th season of umpiring local Phoenix, AZ area High School athletics (Football and Baseball) for the Arizona Interscholastic Association. He hopes one day to be noticed by NCAA Division 1 college officials and offered a contract.

John also has won several commendations and awards for his model building, especially Star Trek-related models. He once had a model that was denied entry into a local competition, having been told by one of the judges that "This could not have been done by an amateur!"


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