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Hidden Frontier Productions is the Los Angeles, California-based production company that produces the Hidden Frontier family of Star Trek fanfilms and audio productions. The production company was founded and is headed by Rob Caves, Executive Producer. Prior to 2008, Hidden Frontier shows were produced under the name Areakt Pictures.



Shows Currently In Production

Shows Completed

Executive Staff

Founder and Executive Producer Rob Caves
Producers Jennifer Cole
Chris Esquibel
Beo Fraser
David O'Neill
Sharon Savene
Janice Willcocks
Star Trek: Federation One Executive Producer Andrew Foster
Henglaar, M.D. Executive Producer David W. Hill
Star Trek: Grissom Executive Producer Seán Paul Teeling
Voyages of the USS Angeles Executive Producers Dave Mason
Janice Willcocks

Production Staff and Crew

Persons listed are current principal staff/crew only.

Story Writers/Editors Camren Burton
Rob Caves
E. Robert Dunn
Beo Fraser
Andrew Foster
Brian S. Matthews
Mark Painter
Graphic Artists Andrew Foster
Ryan Crisman
CGI Set Builders Philip Hogg
Mark Azevedo
Matt Boardman
Jeff Hayes
Dan Crout
Graphic Illustrators Craig O'Connor
Chris Rossi
CGI Animator Rob Caves
CGI Animator (Odyssey OTS) Philip Hogg
3D Model Makers Philip Hogg
Rob Caves
Flat Eric
Cyrill Lefevre
Andrew Gillespie
Malcolm Lu
Graphic Illustrators Craig O'Connor
Chris Rossi
Starship Designers
Frontier Guard
Brian Childers
Rob Caves
Starship Designer
Diplomat-class and Luna-class
Sean Toreangeau
Starship Designers
Andrew Gillespie
Malcolm Lu
Starship Designer
Renaissance II-class
Joe McMullen
Starship Designers
Cyrill Lefevre
Starship Designer
Deep Space 12
Rob Caves
Composers Andrew Ceperley
Daniel Chan
Bodo Hartwig
Gareth Ortiz-Timpson
Makeup Artists Heather Ashleigh
Carol Crouse
Beo Fraser
Vin Jacobsen
Sharon Savene
John Whiting
Costume/Props Barbara Clifford
PK Eiselt
Shelli Filkin
Melodee M. Spevack
Production Coordinator Chris Esquibel
Public Relations
Donations/Fundraising Coordinator
Rick Pike
IT Director
Website Administrator
Website Host
Eden Akhavi
Website Content Manager Michael Hudson
Wiki Administrator
Wiki Content Manager
David W. Hill
Technical Consultants Jonathan Connor
Michael Urban
Medical Advisors Ferrell Pierson, M.D.
Séan Paul Teeling
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