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The USS Vigilant, a Federation Avenger-class starship.
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Classification: Escort
Service Period: 2380's - present
Armaments: pulse phasers, phaser arrays, quantum torpedo launchers
Defenses: deflector shields


The Avenger-class Starship

The Avenger-class is a Federation starship class that was introduced during the late 24th century. The vessel is visually similar and shares a number of design elements with the Defiant-class.

Production Notes

  • This class of vessel has never been utilized in Star Trek "official" canon. It would appear to exist only in the Hidden Frontier universe.
  • The Avenger-class was designed by Cyrill Lefevre.

Known Ships of the Class

Ship Registry
USS Avenger Unknown
USS Vigilant NCC-98502

Appearances of Unnamed Avenger-class Starships

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