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The SS Ariadne, a Federation Akyazi-class starship.
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Federation Merchant Service
Classification: Perimeter Action Vessel
Service Period: 23rd century - 24th century
2350's - present
(Federation Merchant Service)
Length: 216.1 m
Width: 120.2 m
Height: 27.5 m
Mass: 68,000 metric tonnes
Crew: 84
Armaments: 6 phaser banks plus
2 single phasers
3 photon torpedo tubes
(2 fore, 1 aft)
Defenses: deflector shields
Auxiliary Craft: 2 workbees
1 shuttlecraft

The Akyazi-class is a Federation starship class that was introduced during the late 23rd century.


Class Specifications

The Akyazi was classified as a "perimeter action vessel", being designed as a light vessel capable of patrolling the Federation border and engaging enemy vessels, driving them off or delaying them until a heavier starship could arrive at the scene of a battle to assist. The current Saber-class light cruiser would appear to fill a similar role.

Class History

This class was retired from active Starfleet service during the mid-24th century. Several ships of this class have entered into service in the Federation Merchant Service.

Class Speculation

This class of vessel has never been utilized in Star Trek "official" canon. It appears to be based upon a design in the book Ships of the Starfleet, Volume 2.

Known Ships of the Class

Ship Registry
USS Akyazi Unknown
SS Ariadne NAR-11402

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